Thursday, April 19, 2007

BBC News article - Cricket World Cup - hit or flop?
Has cricket's World Cup, the game's biggest tournament, turned out to be a flop?Local cricket fans here in the West Indies, as well as commentators and followers of the game feel so.


Organisers now accept the 16-nation, 51-match tournament over a marathon 49 days will not be able to meet the targeted $42m in ticket sales.
By Wednesday, at the tail-end of the Super 8 matches, only $29m worth of tickets had been sold.


A new IMF report says the governments in the nine countries staging the tournament have spent a fortune.
Five new stadiums were built and others were upgraded altogether at a cost of $250m, and more money was spent on improving infrastructure.


As Rickey Singh, a Barbadian journalist, says: "It looks like the World Cup was a bad joke - to have imposed exorbitant ticket fees, treat musical instruments as weapons of terror, restrict drinks and food containers at matches."

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