Thursday, April 12, 2007

K-Project genesis

This is the story of an idea and the steps taken towards realizing that idea. Ideas are like living things: they are conceived, they gestate, they are born, they grow, and they mature. But also like living things they can wither and die if not nourished and cared for. This blog is a diary of my attempt to bring to fruition an idea I have about computers and artificial intelligence, and I suppose, life in general.

After months of procrastination, I finally got the inspiration to start my own blog by an amazing game called Rez.
The game itself is fantastic - think of your favourite audio visualization plugin and imagine it turned into a game with you inside. But what was really inspiring was reading how the team behind Rez took a totally original concept, worked hard, shrugged off conflict, disappointment, and setbacks, and eventually produced something very kewl.

I would to follow the example of the Rez team - fix my sights on what I want to accomplish and work hard at it, counting every step, no matter how small, as progress.

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