Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Damn, I can't believe a month has passed since I last did a blog post. I've been pretty unproductive since exams shut down. This pretty much validates the idea of journals as therapy. When you're ok, you work, you write, code. When you're not ok you don't do much. The basic idea is to invert the relationship - when you work and write and code you will feel ok.

So I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars and Rambo and Predator and those kind of movies and I never was enamoured of Golden Age movie stars like Liz Taylor and Katherine Hepburn. But I saw Giant on TCM and it was a hell of a move. Good acting is just timeless. And Liz Taylor looked fine. And at 200+mins, yeah they probably don't make them like that anymore. I now kinda understand the saying about Texas. Everything is just huge - the land, the money. The coolest thing was that my aunt recognised Rock Hudson straight away - I guess he was like Brad Pitt back in the day. It was also cool that a 1956 movie had racism as a subplot.

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