Saturday, January 19, 2008


Wow I haven't written anything since July last year. That's half of a year. What happened - well GSoC was great, fall semester exams weren't too great, going home and packing away ham,turkey, black cake and every culinary xmas tradition by the plateful was great. It was good to be back home - I should go more often.

But time - 7 months? - It's like sand running through your fingers. Which incidentally is the point of this post. Here is my fix for people who have todo and idea lists miles long:

An hour is a lot of time

2 or 3 hours is a huge amount of time. I've always thought I couldn't do 1/10th the stuff I wanted to do because I didn't have time. But if I spend 1 hr a week on learning Gimp or practising piano or writing short stories or coding your dream project, it gets done. The hours add up. Over weeks, months, years an hour a week can get you to a place you never imagined.

So that's my New Year's resolution. Start doing all the stuff I want to do starting 1 hr a week or less.

Now with Blogger rolling out new features I gotta fix up this place. Finish my Google Maps mini-widget for one. Think I'll do that now.

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