Tuesday, November 02, 2010

On the Project Runway finale

I know fans of the show are up-in-arms about Gretchen winning over Mondo, but honestly I thought it could have gone either way. Yes Gretchen made a lot of fugly, uninspired clothes over the course of the season and yes she shouldn't have been picked over April and Michael (and yes the producers definitely just threw her in the final cuts just for the sake of drama,) but I mean the decision had to be made based on the final collection the three of them showed. Andy was probably ranked higher than Gretchen in most people's minds based on his previous work, but his collection was significantly weaker than hers. I thought her final collection was the strongest out of the three. The designs were edgy, sexy, cohesive and were accessorized beautifully. It really looked like a collection you would expect to see from a top-tier designer. Mondo's was brilliant but you could see that he was veering to close to fantasy and fashion pantomime. The fact that he chose the unaltered polka dot dress to be  his statement piece  to me buried him in the eyes of Nina and Michael. The dress was brilliant but too costumey - it would have been fantastic with a slit and skin to break it up but Mondo stuck to his vision, and went down with it.

I really disliked Gretchen because of her taste and her attitude towards Michael C. but you can't deny that for the final show she knocked it out of the park. And that's the reason, rightly so, that she won.

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