Tuesday, March 01, 2011


When I was 7 or 8 I couldn't wait to be 10. Just imagine, I'd have two whole numerals for my age. Now I actually seem to dread birthdays. So many good memories since I turned 30:

Adieu hairline, I hardly knew ya. I wish we could have done some more fun stuff together.
Those gray hairs make you look mature and experienced...yeah right
I'm how many pounds overweight???
Congratulations on your first root canal!!
The girl in the shop "Lemme go in the back and see if they  have your size."
No this shirt will not fit, no really nope no forget about it, wait maybe if I pull it...no no just stop
What exactly is this on my face - is it a mole? a wart? a pimple? good grief
Women hit their sexual peak after 30 you know... and?
Just like Martin Amis wrote in Yellow Dog, chicks in their teens and twenties seem to look thorough me rather than at me.

Bur there's like so much stuff I understand better now than when I was in my twenties. I'm not just the same person inside, I'm better. 

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